Rapid Investigation Structure


The team of professionals certified in accordance with the law and with experience in Information Structures/Counterinformation/Surveillance/Intelligence Analysis of the Romanian state (S.R.I., M.A.I) - we carry out, according to the law (L 329/2003), at the request of individuals and legal entities, specific Surveillance activities, Investigations, Research, Intelligence and Counterinformative Measures, as follows:

Operative Supervision

We can document and establish the activities carried out by persons of interest to you, the entourage and the environments frequented, as well as the loyalty/sincerity in relation to your interests.


We can establish the activities carried out by persons of interest such as:

-Infidelity; Establishing the entourage/ daily activities of the children;

- The conduct and morality of one/several persons;

- Solvency, seriousness or correctness of a potential natural or legal person partner in a business;

Research in the Virtual Environment

On request, we carry out specialized investigative activities in the virtual/internet environment and profiling on the main Social Media Platforms.

Protection Activities

According to the clients' needs, we carry out activities with high-performance anti-interception equipment (ambient audio-video/antitracking), as well as providing specialized anti-tracking activities.

We learn the Truth

Find out the TRUTH, don't be deceived by a FALSE presentation of reality.

Private investigation stages

Discussion regarding the object of the investigation, between the parties: private detective - client;

Preparation and presentation by the SRDI Team of an estimate regarding the total cost of the investigation;

Conclusion of the contract for the provision of investigative services, in accordance with the legislation in force;

Completing a request for private investigations by the client;

Preparation of the investigation and other activities according to the law by the detective in cooperation with the client;

Carrying out the investigation under conditions of complete confidentiality;

The preparation of the investigation report by the private detective and its delivery exclusively to the client based on the signature, together with all the evidence obtained (photo, video, letters, etc.).

Areas of Action

We respond to the requests of natural and legal persons from the counties

Galati, Braila, Buzau, Vrancea, Constanta and Tulcea, but also the municipality of Bucharest.